There is a simple analogy we are taught in chiropractic school which helps explain why and how receiving adjustments allow you to live a healthy life.

Basically, chiropractic is all about restoring the connection between your brain and body. The brain receives information about your surroundings from your body. It then uses and interprets this information in order to make decisions. All of this happens with zero effort from you.

When a shift in the spine occurs, this interrupts the information super highway that is your nervous systems. This is analogous to the open safety pin. When a misalignment occurs, it leads to abnormal function of the surrounding joints and tissues. This abnormal function can eventually lead to malfunction (poor gait patterns, visceral issues, degeneration) which can ultimately lead it dis- ease of the nervous system. Put the safety pin back together and everything is allowed to flow unhindered. The system becomes at ease again.

It is our job as chiropractors to assess the current state of your nervous system (through an exam) and then use our knowledge of the human body’s anatomy to decide when and where to perform the correction. When we correct the spinal shift, we allow the nervous system to flow freely, clearing up any interference in the brain/body connection.