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We proudly deliver quality, comprehensive chiropractic care to the Portland, OR community and surrounding areas. We are passionate about the Pacific Northwest and all the amazing outdoor activities the PNW offers. Our doctors and massage therapists specialize in restoring optimal function of your nervous system to get you back to your adventures. Whether you are an avid hiker, returning from a kayaking excursion, recovering from a ski trip, or just looking to improve overall heath for you and your family, we are here to serve YOU!


“Dr. Banker knows her stuff. You can really tell she cares about you getting better. She is the best chiropractor in the Portland area!!! I highly recommend coming here if you want to get better, not just put a band aid on the problem.”
– Alison B.

“I received the best care at OTT Chiropractic! I went to them with chronic back issues, and they worked with me through a combination of adjustments and massage. Dr. Megan and Crista were wonderful practitioners, and I felt listened to and appreciated under their care. Can’t recommend enough!”
– Sara M.

“In my experience, Dr. Megan Banker is a topnotch practitioner. Her knowledge seems vast and her technique strong and subtle. I have a problem with a shoulder and knee, which are normally outside the realm of a lot of chiropractors. She has kept them, and my back, healthy with a great deal of technical finesse. I’d give her the highest recommendation.”
– Jeannie B.

“I just love Dr. Megan Banker. She is pleasant, efficient and always knows how I like to be adjusted. Payment processing is simple and easy. She has helped keep my back/neck pain at bay with regular adjustments.”
– Samantha P.



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